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Study abroad in Australia for Pakistani students

st5ep by step latest guide for Pakistani students who wansts to study abroad  in australia

Studying in abroad is a life changing experience. You embrace new culture, transition, face challenges, and manage between part time work and university for the sake of shinning future and outstanding education from recognized institutes. Australia has everything in store to make your study abroad experience best of it all. Australia offers absolute globalized learning experience to international students; it has multicultural society, unparallel higher education quality, world acclaimed institutions, part time working permission without much complication and opportunity to settle down in Australia if you want to work there. The uncomplicated visa and admission requirements in Australia have made it a top choice among international students. The general study abroad in Australia requirements are detailed below for your overview:


Pakistani Students Admissions in Australian Universities 2020

Australian universities have merit based system of admissions. A student applying for any higher education program at least should have attained 60% marks in each of his subject. The competition is quite high in Australia, each year universities receive hundreds of applications for admissions from countries around the globe. The candidate with best grades is obviously first priority for selectors. Evidently, your chances of getting admission in Australia depend on your grades. The admissions requirements may vary from university to university and program to program. If you meet the admission eligibility of your applied Australian university, you will get an acceptance letter.


Requirements for Admissions in Australian International Universities 2020:

The candidates applying from countries where English is not a native language need to pass English Proficiency Test (IELTS, TOEFL) with satisfactory scores, Bank statement (AUS $20,290 must be in your account for one year duration of your study program), clearance letter from police, recommendation letters, transcripts of your academic certificates and paid admission fee ($100 not refundable).

The international students must keep in mind while choosing a course in Australian University that it must be registered under Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses (CRICOS). Only those candidates will be given Australian Student Visa that is enrolled in a study program which has been approved by Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses (CRICOS).


Australia Student Visa for Pakistani Students 

Once you receive an acceptance letter from the university at which you had applied for admission the application process of Australian Student Visa commences. You get all the details from online website of Australian Department of Home Affairs or you can visit Consulate or Embassy of Australia nearest to your location. The process of attaining Australian Student Visa step to step is written briefly below:


Requirements for Pakistani Citizensof Australian Student Visa:

  • The applicant will be required to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements. (VISIT Australian Student Visa Article for Details about GTE)

  • Acceptance Letter from University

  • Financial Requirement

  • Accommodation Arrangement

  • Health Checkup

  • Language Proficiency Test Certificate

  • Clearance Letter From Police Station (Stating the candidate has not been involved in any criminal activity previously or presently)

  • Paid Tuition fee

  • Paid Visa Application Form

  • Health Insurance Coverage

The approval of Australian visa may take duration of 4 to 5 weeks. Within 7 days of entering into Australia the students would be required to register their residence at the university in which they have been enrolled.


Part Time Working Permission in Australia for International Students 

The holders of Australian student visa for long term programs are allowed to work 20 hours a week. No additional residence permit or work permit is needed. The Australia student visa serves as work permit and confers them the basic employment rights which include: minimum wage right (any employee in Australia has right to be paid minimum per hour wage of $20), sick leaves, permission to rest and taking breaks during working hours and protection against unlawful and uninformed dismal from job.


Part Time Jobs in Australia

Australia has numerous part time and full time jobs opportunities for international students according to their preferred timings of the day. Due to rules of minimum wage and skilled based income set by Government of Australia, the students are duly paid according to their abilities. You can do part time jobs such as: Retail Jobs, Administrative Jobs, Attendants or Waiters, Tourist Guides, Receptionists, Cashiers, Accountants, Data Entry Officer, Fundraiser and Crew Members in Food Chains, in Event Management Companies etc.


Post-Graduation Visa and Permanent Residency of Australia

Australia is extremely lenient and accommodating towards international students. After attaining a post graduation degree the student can extend his/her visa for 2 to 4 years based on their qualification. During this period, the candidates can do internship or traineeship at an Australian based company or firm to acquire professional experience related to their degree major or specialization. The two types of temporary residency visas programmed by Australian Government are Temporary Graduate Visa and Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa (Visit Permanent Residency in Australia Article for Details). After having received required training and professional experience the students can apply for permanent residency based on your skills and occupation which will be ascertained on the basis of points and skill assessment. The Permanent Residency Visas are divided into various categories and applied through Skill Select Immigration Program. Each permanent residency visa is being designed to accommodate professionals of different occupations and qualified workers.


Living and Study Expenses

Estimation of living and study expenses is the first step of study abroad checklist. Australia is not an expensive country in terms of living expenses. The only challenge for an international student’s monthly expenses will be paying accommodation rent. On campus accommodation rent will be around AUS$80 to AUS$250. Other options of accommodation include: shared flats, dormitories, home stay, hostels and guest house and private renting apartments. Each type of accommodation rents varies based on location and facilities. As per the estimation given by Australian Government, a student needs AUS $20,290 for each year of his stay in Australia. The average tuition fee per year for a post graduate course can be from $7,800 to $30,000. The tuition fee can be different from one institution to another institution and from one study program to another study program.

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